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parkerspenthouse asked:

u know!1! I talk to D.J and he was like kimakaa having a Party for her Man where my party? I said, Aint you going to be there and so am I that's yo party lmao!!! is it just going to be Us 4 or more folks

You silly…It’s for my Hubby, but they all need some time to enjoy. U know all the guys coming, One of my old co-workers coming and her boyfriend, but u know it’s going to be Us in the end

Best I Ever Had…(NewThang)

When you meet a Man that Shows you the World, no other Man should come between that. I have made Mistakes in this new Relationship, because in relationships I’m always waiting for the other shoe to fall,but now I’m so sure of where I need to be and where I want to be. I got a call from My love and he told me his plan for our future, and I agreed to it. We had a Come to Jesus Moment Confessing all our Sins and Baggage of the past…At the end of our Skype session we was Ballin’. WTF!! is this Kid doing to me. I was a Bad ass before I met him. I Never Been in love Before, he gave me everything I ever wanted and it didn’t cost a thang. He wants to give me things I don’t need like a car,new place, but I learn from my past baggage never take anything you don’t need because it will Fucc up your relationship,and this time I want to focus on us and not those material products. He tells me to Never be afraid to ask for anything because I’m worth it. I have everything I need in him and Money can’t buy that baby…. If you find Something real capture that and don’t allow your past to fucc it Up.~kimakaakimshakur…image


A woman never forgets the man that Once captured her heart with his smile, intelligence of the world and the people in it. The man that taught her how to move in the world with his Knowledge and trust in faith in God and the Gift that was Given. If only for a short time. He made my mind powerful&strong just by listening to all his Words&Wisdom. Remembering Tupac a man who wanted to make a Difference…IT all started with one. You can be the one, I am the one…and so are U. #thanksPac #restinlove…#Kisses2theKingdom ;0


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