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Listen to My Song like….August u know, I’m here 2SaveU. MeNdem Girlz, we aint da same boo. U know I hate it…wen u leave me. Cuz u love it, then u leave it, but u know how bad I need it. U so fkn conceited, why u cmn over weeded?

Monday, July 21, 2014 - Your feelings are being pulled all over the place today as the uncommitted Gemini Moon skips through your 7th House of Companions. Today’s cosmic message is to take relationships slowly or you won’t have anything to show for all your emotional turmoil. It might require gentle persuasion to convince your friend or partner that you mean business. Be flexible enough to recognize new channels of communication that can be of benefit both personally and professionally.

"No Love" Remix by August Alsina Ft Nicki Minaj [SNIPPET] The full song drops This Tomorrow: Monday, July 21.

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