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The-Dream - My Love ft. Mariah Carey
Just heard this on the radio,and my baby was like; this so us right now…#ILTS    

So they don’t understand

Why I’ll never leave you
Explain my love
I don’t need to
Got everybody way up
In our business
'Cause leaving each other
Stay on they wish list

I see them reaching everytime
You call me baby
They on my back like a shirt
Get off me baby
They don’t love me
Let ‘em wonder why
Here to stay
And they goin’ bye bye

Who’s the one calling you baby?
Who’s in love with yo ass like crazy?
Who, who, who’s tryin’ to flag down ship?
Just tryin’ to get the love you give

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Yes, it’s the illest bitch around, flawless and brown
Smokin’ loud, blowin’ down when the law ain’t around
When it comes to underwater I get nautical shawtie…

New louboutins when she dressin’, louboutin
Please correct me, stretch marks
Make her self conscience, I kiss her when we’re sexin’

And I promised myself I wouldn’t tell you this shit today
But, tomorrow’s uncertainty promotes the urgency in this shit I’m a say
Perfection doesn’t exist if it doesn’t consume her
And the truth hurts that this world’s mine, but the womb is hers
Ms. mother nature I pray that our daughters carry and favor your genes
And when you take off your jeans you get all the me that you need
That you allow me to work it ‘til you know what your actual worth means
And for what it’s worth, I hope a couple words could help you see…
                                 ”Illest bitch alive’

#MusicMondayMoment #AlwaysOnMyAlsinaFlow

All i need is me a Beautiful girl,so me and Her can Fuck the World…~@AugustAlsina

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