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parkerspenthouse asked:

wHAT!!! IF IT WASN'T for me he wouldn't know yo lil short ass, but that's okay I'm not trying to look at his ass anyway, my baby coming home too,so tell'em fuck his free time. call me tonite

Okay,Lmao!!! Imma call u when I come from the skating rink,taking Shakur&his friends. He made the honor roll Again love u bye

parkerspenthouse asked:

bout time(lol) okay call me when u get settle in.I might drive down and hang out at the beach while you workin. aint shit going on here this weekend

You know I ain’t had the time,been in&out of town for the last 3months. Come threw u know U welcome,My baby will be here tue or wed and he said he don’t want to see your ass (lmao)

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